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Private Digital Currency

Monero is a protected, private, and untraceable cryptographic money. It is open-source and available to all. With Monero, you are your own particular bank. Just you control and are in charge of your assets. Your records and exchanges are shielded private from prying eyes.

Monero is secure

Monero is a decentralized cryptographic money, which means it is secure advanced money worked by a system of clients. Exchanges are affirmed by disseminated accord and after that changelessly recorded on the blockchain. Outsiders don’t should be trusted to protect your Monero.

Monero is private

Monero utilizes ring marks, ring classified exchanges, and stealth delivers to muddle the sources, sums, and goals of all exchanges. Monero gives every one of the advantages of a decentralized digital currency, with no of the run of the mill security concessions.

Monero is untraceable

Sending and getting addresses and in addition executed sums are jumbled as a matter of course. Exchanges on the Monero blockchain can’t be connected to a specific client or certifiable character.

Monero is fungible

Monero is fungible since it is private as a matter of course. Units of Monero can’t be boycotted by merchants or trades because of their relationship in past exchanges.


Monero (XMR) Faucet HERE